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Natural Pearls and Gemstones

We are an Anglo-Burmese Company based in both Rangoon, Burma and also Bangkok, Thailand. As one of the leading dealers in Natural Pearls in the world, we are ideally situated to supply both Fine Unheated Gemstones and Fine Jewelry as well all Asian Natural Pearls directly from the source. Our wealth of buying experience, particularly of Melo Pearls and Unheated Sapphires, means that you can be certain of both authenticity and also value within our catalogue.

Unlike the vast majority of Natural Pearl dealers in the world, we buy directly from the fishing villages where the pearls are found. And for Unheated Sapphires we are going bi-monthly to both Mogok in Burma and also Ratnapura in Sri Lanka to source the finest unheated gemstones for our clientele. All gemstones come directly from Mogok in Burma - there are no middlemen involved and for all products on our website, whether pearls, gemstones or estate jewellery, you can be certain that they have been sourced directly and competitively.